The Japan Academy

The Imperial Prize,Japan Academy Prize,Duke of Edinburgh Prize Recipients


111th June 21, 2021

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize and Japan Academy Prize A Study of Old Korean Books Extant in Japan: History [PDF:214KB] FUJIMOTO Yukio
Imperial Prize and Japan Academy Prize Multilateral Studies on Singularities [PDF:265KB] ISHII Shihoko
Japan Academy Prize Technological Innovations in Bioimaging for a Better Understanding of the Spatiotemporal Regulation of Cellular Signaling Mechanisms [PDF:290KB] MIYAWAKI Atsushi
Japan Academy Prize Elucidation of the Physical Properties of Liquid Crystal and the Study of High-Performance Liquid Crystal Displays [PDF:399KB] KOBAYASHI Shunsuke and UCHIDA Tatsuo
Japan Academy Prize Multiscale–Multiphysics Simulation of the Human Heart and its Application to Medicine (Joint Research) [PDF:262KB] HISADA Toshiaki and SUGIURA Seiryo
Japan Academy Prize Study on the Biosynthesis and Regulation of Plant Growth Hormones [PDF:301KB] KAMIYA Yuji
Japan Academy Prize Elucidation of the Stress Response Mechanism based on the ASK Family [PDF:282KB] ICHIJO Hidenori
Japan Academy Prize Discovery of Linear Ubiquitin Chains and Analyses of their Roles in Inflammatory Responses [PDF:252KB] IWAI Kazuhiro