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Former building of the Academy
Former building of the Academy

The Japan Academy affords the highly distinguished scientists who are its members preferential treatment with an eye to initiating and carrying out activities that will contribute to scientific and academic progress.


1879 January The Tokyo Academy was established (with maximum membership of 40).
June Tokyo Academy Magazine was issued (Vol.1 , No.1).
1890 October The Tokyo Academy Statute was promulgated.
1895 March Honorary Membership was established.
1906 June The Statute of the Imperial Academy was promulgated (with maximum membership of 60).
December The Imperial Academy joined the Internationale Assoziation der Akademien (IAA).
1911 April The Imperial Prize was established.
July The first award ceremony was held.
November The Imperial Academy Prize was established.
1912 March Proceedings of the Imperial Academy was issued (Vol. 1, No. 1).
1919 October The Imperial Academy joined the Union Académique Internationale (UAI).
1925 May The Statute of the Imperial Academy was partially amended (to increase maximum membership to 100).
1942 March Transactions of the Imperial Academy (in Japanese) was issued (Vol. 1, No. 1).
1947 December The Imperial Academy was renamed The Japan Academy.
1949 January The Japan Academy became an institution attached to the Science Council of Japan (with maximum membership of 150).
1956 March The Law of the Japan Academy was promulgated. The Japan Academy became independent of the Science Council of Japan.
1971 March Exchange program with foreign academies started.
1983 June Visiting program of Honorary Members started.
1984 October The first public lecture meeting was held.
1987 June The Duke of Edinburgh Prize was adopted.
2004 November Japan Academy Medal was established.


Japan Academy’s general account budget allocation: ¥623,650,000 (FY 2022)