The Japan Academy


The Japan Academy Law

Law No. 27 (March 24, 1956)


Article 1. The Japan Academy shall be established for the purpose of extending pereferential treatment to distinguished scholars in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements and, in compliance with this law, of performing activities deemed necessary for the advancement of science and learning.


Article 2.

  1. The Japan Academy shall consist of the Members of the Japan Academy (hereafter to be referred to as "Members").
  2. The Number of Members shall be 150.
  3. The Japan Academy shall be divided into two Sections and the Members shall belong to one or the other Section according to their fields of specialization.
  1. Section I : Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Section II : Pure Sciences and their Applications


Article 3.

  1. Members shall be selected by the Academy, in accordance with Rules of the Japan Academy, from among scholars of outstanding academic achievements.
  2. Membership shall be for life.
  3. Members shall be of part-time service.
  4. Members may communicate scientific papers to the General Meeting.


Article 4.

  1. The officers of the Japan Academy shall be the President, the Vice President and two Chairpersons of the two Sections.
  2. The President shall be elected by the Members from among themselves, and preside over the affairs of the Academy.
  3. The Vice President shall be elected by the Members from among themselves; he shall assist the President, act for the President in case the latter is absent and perform the President's duties in his vacancy.
  4. The Chairmen of Sections shall be elected by the Members of respective Sections from among themselves, and deal with the affairs of the Sections.


Article 5.

  1. The Japan Academy shall have General Meetings and Sectional Meetings.
  2. General Meetings shall deliberate and decide on important matters concerning the Japan Academy.
  3. Sectional Meetings shall deliberate on important matters concerning the respective Sections.
  4. Matters concerning the procedure of the Meetings shall be stipulated by the Japan Academy.

(Honorary Members)

Article 6. The Japan Academy may confer Honorary Membership to non-Japanese persons who have made eminent contributions to the development of science and learning in Japan.

(Membership in the International Union of Academies)

Article 7. The Japan Academy may become a member of the International Union of Academies.


Article 8. The Japan Academy shall perform the following activities:

  1. Awarding Prizes to specially excellent treatises, works, or other scientific achievements.
  2. Editing and publishing Transactions and Proceedings containing papers presented or introduced by the Members.
  3. Executing other activities that would be appropriate for the Japan Academy to perform in order to encourage academic researches.


Article 9. An annuity may be granted to each Member, in the amount specified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and in accordance with the budgetary provisions.


Article 10.

  1. The Japan Academy shall have one Executive Secretary and several clerks of the secretarial staff.
  2. The Chief of the Secretarial Staff shall manage the ordinary affairs of the Japan Academy under the directions of the President and other officers of the Academy; and the staff members shall attend to affairs under the instructions of the superiors.

(Miscellaneous rules)

Article 11. In addition to the rules stipulated in this Law, the President shall, with the approval of General Meeting, make rules for the matters deemed necessary for internal organization and for the Operation of the Japan Academy.