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Use of Personal Information

Basic Stance

When needed to operate effectively the services provided over this website, there are cases when the Japan Academy may collect information regarding the site's users. Such information will only be used within the framework of the below-listed objectives.

Information Collected

Such data as the user's IP address may automatically be stored. When using the site's Message Format, or when applying to participate in an open lecture, or when submitting a manuscript, in such cases the user's address, affiliation, age or other information may be requested. When the Message Format is not used, the sender's email address is displayed in the Academy's system.

Objectives of Information Use

Information collected is used for the following three objectives:

  1. To effectively operate the services provided over the site
  2. To carry out smoothly the Academy's programs
  3. To use as reference in future Academy programs

Restrictions on Information Usage and Disclosure

With the exception of information requested under Japan's disclosure laws or other special circumstances, the Academy uses the information it collects exclusively for the objectives listed above. While observing the these Restrictions on Information Usage and Disclosure and the below-described Security Measures, the Academy may provide information it collects to parties whom it commissions to implement programs. However, they are prohibited from passing such information on to third parties. There are cases when the Academy may release information collected in the form of statistical data.

Security Measures

The Academy takes proper measures to ensure that information collected is managed in such a way as to prevent its leakage, loss or misuse.


The Academy may modify the policy described above when deemed appropriate to enhance is provisions.