The Japan Academy


General Meetings

General Meetings
General Meeting

Important matters concerning the Academy's overall program are discussed and decided. Held once per month, except July and August.

Sectional Meetings

Sectional Meetings
Sectional Meeting

In their respective meetings, Sections I and II discuss matters concerning their sections. Held once per month, except July and August.

Standing Committees

Committees Purposes
Administrative Committee Discuss important matters pertaining to administration of the Japan Academy
Selection Committee for Member Candidates Screen candidates for membership vacancies
Examination Committee for Award Recipients Screen nominated candidates for prizes
Selection Committee for Honorary Members Screen candidates nominated by Academy members for honorary membership
Publication Committee for Transactions and Proceedings Discuss matters pertaining to the editing and publication of these journals
Committee for the Academic Research Encouragement Fund Discuss various donation-related conditions and select recipients of academic research funds
Public Lecture Committee Discuss matters pertaining to program of open lectures
International Exchange Committee Discuss and promote international exchange activities
Committee for UAI Projects Discuss matters relevant to the promotion and collaboration of UAI projects
Committee for Japan Academy Medal Select candidates for the Japan Academy Medal from among JSPS Prize recipients