The Japan Academy

Honorary Members

Foreign scholars who have made particularly important contributions to science and academics in Japan are selected as Honorary Members of the Japan Academy.


Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Speciality Country, Region
ROBERT, Jacques Constitutional Law France
KROESCHELL, Karl German and Comparative Legal History Germany
LIVI BACCI, Massimo Demography Italy
THOMAS, Keith English Modern History UK
TOUBERT, Pierre History of Medieval Italy, Social and Economic History of Early Medieval Europe France
LEE, Hyun Jae Economics Korea
SEN, Amartya K.

Economics, Philosophy


COMPAGNON, Antoine French Literature, General and Comparative Literature France
SHIRANE, Haruo Japanese Literature USA
ZINK, Michel Medieval French literature France

Pure Sciences and their Applications

Name Speciality Country, Region
RAO, C.N.Ramachandra Solid Chemistry India
QUEISSER, Hans Joachim Semiconductor Electronics and Physics Germany
LEE, Yuan Tseh Chemistry Taiwan
MANABE, Syukuro Meteorology, Climatology USA
YANG, Chen Ning Theoretical Physics USA
COREY, Elias James Organic Synthetic Chemistry USA
CORY, Suzanne Molecular Biology Australia
MCKENZIE, Dan Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences UK
REES, Martin John Astronomy, Astrophysics UK
BAI, Chunli Material Science China
DZAU, Victor J. Internal Medicine (in particular Cardiology) USA
LINDQVIST, Svante History of Science, Philosophy of Science Sweden
HELDIN, Carl-Henrik Molecular Biology, Molecular Oncology Sweden
STONE, Edward Carroll Astrophysics USA
GRUSS, Peter Developmental Biology Germany