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Personal Information

Name Esaki Leo Esaki, Leo
Section Section II, Fourth Subsection
Date of Election 1975/11/12
Speciality Physics
Selected Bibliography
    1. L. Esaki, "New Phenomenon in Narrow Germanium p-n Junctions," Phys. Rev. 109, 603 (1958)
    2. L. Esaki and R. Tsu, "Superlattice and Negative Differential Conductivity in Semiconductors," IBM J. Res. Devel. 14, 61 (1970)
    3. L. Esaki and L.L. Chang, "New Transport Phenomenon in a Semiconductor Superlattice," Phys. Rev. Lett. 33, 495 (1974)
    4. L. Esaki, "A Bird's-Eye View on the Evolution of Semiconductor Superlattices and Quantum Wells" IEEE J. Quantum Electronics QE-22, 1611 (1986)
    5. L. Esaki, "Long Journey into Tunneling," Science, 183, 1149 (1974)
    6. L. Esaki, "Do-it-yourself Quantum Mechanics in Low-dimensional Structures," Physica Scripta, T42, 102 (1992)
    7. L. Esaki, "What did I explore in half a century of research? What discovery, what invention, where, when? Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54, 040101 (2015)

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