The Japan Academy

Japan Academy Medal Recipients

11th, February 24, 2015

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Study on Structure, Physical Properties and Function of Polymers at Interfaces TANAKA Keiji
Japan Academy Medal A Historical Sociological Study on the Zionist Worldview as an Origin of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict TSURUMI Taro
Japan Academy Medal Exploration of Novel Quantum Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems NAKATSUJI Satoru
Japan Academy Medal Study of the Neural Mechanism that Controls Thermal Homeostasis NAKAMURA Kazuhiro
Japan Academy Medal Studies on the History of the Southern Levant in the First Millennium B.C. Based on Epigraphic and Archaeological Sources and Critical Analysis of Biblical Text HASEGAWA Shuichi
Japan Academy Medal Biosynthetic Mechanism of Homopoly Amino Acids Produced by Microorganisms HAMANO Yoshimitsu

12th, February 24, 2016

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Total History of Indonesian Local Society in Early-Modern and Modern Ages: Impact of Environment, State, Islam, Outside Merchants, Migrants, and Global Economy OTA Atsushi
Japan Academy Medal Cultural Resources Study Perspective on Antique Textile Called ‘Tsujiga-Hana’ OYAMA Yuzuruha
Japan Academy Medal Development of Biological Control for Grapevine Crown Gall KAWAGUCHI Akira
Japan Academy Medal Clarification of Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Inflammation Control in Innate Immunity TAKEUCHI Osamu
Japan Academy Medal Studies on Seismic Hum NISHIDA Kiwamu
Japan Academy Medal Information Theory and Quantum Information Theory for Finite-Coding-Length HAYASHI Masahito

13th, February 8, 2017

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Econometric Analysis of Inequality in Japanese Labor Market KAWAGUCHI Daiji
Japan Academy Medal Theory and Application of Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence SUGIYAMA Masashi
Japan Academy Medal Typological Studies in Slavic Morphosyntax and Its Diachronic and Areal Changes: With Special Reference to Kashubian NOMACHI Motoki
Japan Academy Medal Identification and Characterization of a Novel Immune Cell MORO Kazuyo
Japan Academy Medal Development and Application of in vivo Cellular Reprogramming Technology for Regulating Cancer Cell Fate YAMADA Yasuhiro
Japan Academy Medal Large-Scale Numerical Simulations of Structure Formation in the Early Universe YOSHIDA Naoki

14th, February 7, 2018

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Carpets That Bind the World: Indian Carpets and Their Journey toward the Kyoto Gion Festival from a Perspective of Global History KAMADA Yumiko
Japan Academy Medal Elucidation of the Role of Aberrant Selective Autophagy in Pathogenic Mechanisms of Digestive Diseases KOMATSU Masaaki
Japan Academy Medal Development of Organoid Culture System for Elucidation of Human Diseases SATO Toshiro
Japan Academy Medal Development of Hyperpolarized NMR Molecular Probes for Sensing and Imaging Biological Systems SANDO Shinsuke
Japan Academy Medal Research on State Formation in Late Medieval Italy NAKAYA So
Japan Academy Medal Integrated Simulation Techniques for Multiphyiscs and Physiological Response and Their Application HIRATA Akimasa

15th, February 7, 2019

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Observational Studies of the Early Universe with Lyα Emitters OUCHI Masami
Japan Academy Medal Development of Ultrafast Imaging and Spectroscopy and Their Applications in Science, Industry, and Medicine GODA Keisuke
Japan Academy Medal Extension of Practical Matching Theory or Market Design KOJIMA Fuhito
Japan Academy Medal Exploring Human Organ Development and Neogenesis from Pluripotent Stem Cells TAKEBE Takanori
Japan Academy Medal Development of Aerosol Climate Model and Its Application to Research on Climate Change and Air Quality, Such as Prediction of Yellow Sand and PM2.5 Transportation TAKEMURA Toshihiko
Japan Academy Medal The Ancient Egyptian Columns: Their Chronological Development and the Underlying Architectural Philosophy YASUOKA Yoshifumi

16th, February 18, 2020

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Theoretical Development of Quantum Dissipative Dynamics and Its Application to Primary Processes of Photosynthesis ISHIZAKI Akihito
Japan Academy Medal Research on Statistical Theories for Analyzing Big Data and High-dimensional Data KATO Kengo
Japan Academy Medal A Reconstruction of Chinese Buddhist History during the Six Dynasties, Sui and Tang Periods, Based on Comprehensively Collected Stone Inscriptions KURAMOTO Hisanori
Japan Academy Medal Structure and Engineering of CRISPR-Cas9 Genome-editor Nucleases NISHIMASU Hiroshi
Japan Academy Medal Research on Multistep Regulation of Gene Expression by Plant Photoreceptor Phytochrome MATSUSHITA Tomonao
Japan Academy Medal Development of Novel Synthetic Organic Reactions Based on the Breaking of Aromaticity YORIMITSU Hideki

17th, January 12, 2021 (elected)

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal High-Efficiency Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide by High Pressure and Transient Operations, and the Elucidation of the Reaction Mechanisms URAKAWA Atsushi
Japan Academy Medal Functional Identification of Neural Circuits Involved in Maintaining Water and Salt Homeostasis in the Body OKA Yuki
Japan Academy Medal Pioneering Research on Introducing Randomness for Interconnection Networks on Parallel Computer Systems KOIBUCHI Michihiro
Japan Academy Medal Proof of the General Theorem of Cooperative Behavior in Repeated Games with Private Monitoring SUGAYA Takuo
Japan Academy Medal Empirical Study of Syntax and Lexis of Impersonal Constructions in the History of the English Language MIURA Ayumi
Japan Academy Medal Research on Mechanisms of Nuclear Reprogramming in Eggs and Oocytes MIYAMOTO Kei

18th, January 12, 2022 (elected)

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Theory of Dynamical Control of Quantum Materials OKA Takashi
Japan Academy Medal Comparative Study on a New Framework of Protection Law and Regulations for Diversified Workforce KUWAMURA Yumiko
Japan Academy Medal Explorations in Entanglements of Russia's Empire and the Muslim World NAGANAWA Norihiro
Japan Academy Medal Molecular Movie Analysis of Proteins Using X-Ray Free Electron Laser NANGO Eriko
Japan Academy Medal Development of Next-generation Organic Electroluminescence Materials HATAKEYAMA Takuji
Japan Academy Medal Elucidation of the Mode of Action of Steroid Hormones Controlling Insect Development YAMANAKA Naoki