The Japan Academy

Japan Academy Medal Recipients

1st, March 22, 2005

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Comparative Studies on Mediterranean / Middle Eastern Cultures and Literatures from the Perspective of Medieval Hebrew Literature KATSUMATA Naoya
Japan Academy Medal Studies on the Regulation of Bone Metabolism by the Immune System TAKAYANAGI Hiroshi
Japan Academy Medal Molecular Phylogenetic and Evolutionary Developmental Studies of Plants HASEBE Mitsuyasu
Japan Academy Medal Research on the Arithmetic Geometry of Hyperbolic Curves, including, Solution via p-adic Methods of the Grothendieck Conjecture on Anabelian Geometry MOCHIZUKI Shinichi
Japan Academy Medal Ethnographical Studies on the Politics of Culture and Communities in Contemporary America WATANABE Yasushi


2nd, March 9, 2006

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Descriptive Linguistics of Modern Tibetan (Lhasa Dialect) HOSHI (HAMADA) Izumi
Japan Academy Medal Studies on Tolerance Mechanisms of Mineral Stresses in Higher Plants MA Jian Feng
Japan Academy Medal Game Theoretic Approach to Interpret General Social Phenomena MATSUI Akihiko
Japan Academy Medal Research on Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem in Mutil-Agent System YOKOO Makoto
Japan Academy Medal Mechanisms that lead to the Difference in Equational and Reductional Chromosome Segregation WATANABE Yoshinori


3rd, March 2, 2007

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Goethe's "Buch der Natur": Reception of Natural Sciences in German Literature during the 18th & 19th Centuries ISHIHARA Aeka
Japan Academy Medal Crystallographic Studies of Membrane Protein Complexes IWATA So
Japan Academy Medal Development of Attosecond Coherent Control and Its Applications OHMORI Kenji
Japan Academy Medal Comparative Study on History Education Policies as Factors of International Relations KONDO Takahiro
Japan Academy Medal Basic Study of Quantum Information Networks FURUSAWA Akira


4th, March 3, 2008

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Study on Classic Maya Domestic Lives and Political and Economic Organization AOYAMA Kazuo
Japan Academy Medal Design and Demonstration of New Magnetic Properties Based on Magneto Chemistry OHKOSHI Shin-ichi
Japan Academy Medal Predicting the Variations of Global Hydrological Cycles and the Balance of World Water Resources OKI Taikan
Japan Academy Medal Molecular Mechanisms of Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity HAYASHI Yasunori
Japan Academy Medal Discovery of Boron Transporters from Plants FUJIWARA Toru


5th, March 9, 2009

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Glial Regulation of the Brain Function KOIZUMI Schuichi
Japan Academy Medal p-adic Hodge Theory and its Application TSUJI Takeshi
Japan Academy Medal Discovery and Applications of Novel Functions of Photonic Crystals NOTOMI Masaya
Japan Academy Medal Game Theoretic Approach to International Political Economy FURUSAWA Taiji
Japan Academy Medal Cultural Policy and Publishing Activities during the Mongol Period MIYA Noriko
Japan Academy Medal Development of Novel Biotechnologies for Animal Reproduction WAKAYAMA Teruhiko


6th, March 1, 2010

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Comparative Psychology on the Origin of Cognition and Learning KAWAI Nobuyuki
Japan Academy Medal Elucidation of Signaling Molecules Regulating Cell Fate GOTOH Yukiko
Japan Academy Medal Studies on Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Odorant and Pheromone Reception TOUHARA Kazushige
Japan Academy Medal The Buddhist Thoughts in Early Modern Japan focusing on the Scholar-Monk Fujaku 1707-1781 NISHIMURA Ryo
Japan Academy Medal Research on Carbon Nanotube Syntheses and its Applications HATA Kenji
Japan Academy Medal Study on the Asymptotic Behavior of Harmonic Bundles MOCHIZUKI Takuro


7th, March 3, 2011

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Diversity in Microbial Terpenoid Biosynthetic Pathways KUZUYAMA Tomohisa
Japan Academy Medal Exploration of Physical Phenomena and Application Technology Based on Spin Currents SAITOH Eiji
Japan Academy Medal Ecological Researches on Termite Social Systems and Their Applications to Termite Control MATSUURA Kenji
Japan Academy Medal Historical Development of the Right of Self-Defence in International Law MORI Tadashi
Japan Academy Medal A Comparative Study of Alexander the Great’s Images in the Medieval Middle East YAMANAKA Yuriko
Japan Academy Medal Creation of Next-Generation Electronics Based on Semiconductor Surface and Interface Science WATANABE Heiji

8th, February 27, 2012

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Wooden Tablets and the Transportation System in Ancient Japan ICHI Hiroki
Japan Academy Medal Study on the Extremobiosphere Driven by the Principal Biogeochemical Interactions, the Limits of Life and the Early Evolution of Life in the Earth TAKAI Ken
Japan Academy Medal Gravity of Brane-World TANAKA Takahiro
Japan Academy Medal Molecular Dissection and Application of Small RNA Mechanisms TOMARI Yukihide
Japan Academy Medal Identification of Melanocyte Stem Cells and Mechanisms for their Maintenance and Aging NISHIMURA Emi
Japan Academy Medal Quest for the Evolutionary Origins of Social Intelligence Through the Comparative Cognitive Studies in Humans and Chimpanzees HIRATA Satoshi


9th, February 4, 2013

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Clarification of the Cooperation Principle of Brain Circuitry Systems Using Functional Imaging IKEGAYA Yuji
Japan Academy Medal Metallic Conduction at Well-Defined Insulating Oxide Interface OHTOMO Akira
Japan Academy Medal A Study on the French Royal Academy of Science from the Viewpoints of History of Science and Technology and Social History OKI Sayaka
Japan Academy Medal Application of Advanced Graph Theory to Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science KAWARABAYASHI Ken-ichi
Japan Academy Medal Molecular Bases of Xenobiotic-Degrading Capacity of Environmental Bacteria NOJIRI Hideaki
Japan Academy Medal Theoretical Analysis of Industrial Organization MATSUSHIMA Noriaki

10th, February 10, 2014

Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Physics on Earthquake Generation Applicable from Micro to Giant Scales IDE Satoshi
Japan Academy Medal Theoretical Elucidation of the Mechanisms of Evolution with Genomic Sequence Data INNAN Hideki
Japan Academy Medal Pioneering Work on Understanding of Music and Speech by Computers and Its Interface Application GOTO Masataka
Japan Academy Medal Experimental Study on Many-body Effects and Nonequilibrium Fluctuations in Solid-state Quantum Devices KOBAYASHI Kensuke
Japan Academy Medal Mechanism and Reconstitution In Vitro of Germ Cell Development in Mice SAITOU Mitinori
Japan Academy Medal International Policy Studies Based on Perceptions and Distribution of National Resources SATO Jin