The Japan Academy

The Imperial Prize,Japan Academy Prize,Duke of Edinburgh Prize Recipients

21st - 30th

21st May 14, 1931

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Theoretical Investigations on Generation and Transmission of Seismic Waves and Other Problems SEZAWA Katsutada
Imperial Academy Prize Studies on Indian Philosophy and Buddhism UI Hakuju
Imperial Academy Prize A Physico-Metallurgical Investigation of Ferromagnetic Elements and Their Alloys MASUMOTO Hakaru
Imperial Academy Prize Studies on Cholelithiasis in Japan MIYAKE Hayashi


22nd May 10, 1932

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Studies on the Ainu Epic Yukar KINDAICHI Kyosuke
Imperial Prize Investigation on Deep-Focussed Earthquakes WADATI Kiyoo
Imperial Academy Prize On the Cause of the Meningitis-like Disease Frequently Observed among the Japanese Suckling HIRAI Ikutaro
Imperial Academy Prize Genetical Studies on the Body Colour of Aplocheilus latipes AIDA Tatuo
Osaka Mainichi Prize Geophysical Investigations on Gravity Anomalies and Magnetism of Basaltic Rocks MATUYAMA Motonori
Osaka Mainichi Prize Research on Ultra Short Electro-Magnetic Waves UDA Shintaro
Mendenhall Prize Experimental Studies on the Diffraction of Electron Rays through Thin Mica Plates KIKUCHI Seishi


23rd May 11, 1933

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize On the Study of Photo-Elasticity TUZI Ziro
Imperial Prize Studies on Fatty Acids, Glycerides and Phosphatids SUZUKI Bunsuke
Imperial Academy Prize Measurements of Earth-Tilts and of the Seismic Forces Due to Near Earthquakes ISHIMOTO Mishio
Osaka Mainichi Prize Studies on the Life History of Chytridineae KUSANO Shunsuke
Osaka Mainichi Prize On the Oguchi Disease OGUCHI Chiuta
Osaka Mainichi Prize Studies on the Intermediary Metabolism of the Tryptophane KOTAKE Yashiro
Osaka Mainichi Prize Investigations on the Pungent Principles of Ginger NOMURA Hiroshi


24th May 11, 1934

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize A Reconstruction of the Administrative and Civil Code of the Tang Dynasty NIIDA Noboru
Imperial Prize Studies on the Genesis of Igneous Rocks TSUBOI Seitarô
Imperial Academy Prize Investigation of Refractory Materials TADOKORO Yoshiaki
Imperial Academy Prize The Silver Reaction of Cells KON Yutaka
Osaka Mainichi Prize Physical Investigations on Vibrations of Water Basins and on Ocean Currents HIDAKA Kôzi
Osaka Mainichi Prize The Chemical Constitution of Rotenon, an Active Component of Derris Root TAKEI Sankichi
Osaka Mainichi Prize Study and Devices on Japanese Lacquer Wares SAWAGUCHI Goichi


25th May 13, 1935

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Studies on the Poems of the Silla Dynasty and the Ritu OGURA Shimpei
Imperial Prize A Study of the Commentary on the Saddharmepundarika Sūtra by Prince Shōtoku HANAYAMA Shinshô
Imperial Academy Prize On the Specific Heat of Iron-Carbon System at High Temperatures, and the Heat Changes Accompanying those of Phase UMINO Saburo


26th June 1, 1936

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize The Myths and the Traditions of the Formosan Native Tribes OGAWA Hisayosi
Imperial Prize Experimentelle Erzeugung des Lebercarcinoms durch Fütterung mit o-Amidoazotoluol SASAKI Takaoki
Imperial Academy Prize A Genealogical and Classificatory Study of the Formosan Native Tribes UTSURIKAWA Nenozô
Osaka Mainichi Prize Ancient Japanese Armour SUENAGA Masao
Osaka Mainichi Prize Studies upon Embryochemistry TOMITA Masaji
Osaka Mainichi Prize Studies on the Synthesis of Indole Derivatives HOSHINO Toshio
Osaka Mainichi Prize Untersuchungen über die Flechten-Fettsäure und die Farbstoffe der Pulvinsäure-Reihe ASANO Mitizo


27th May 13, 1937

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Thermal Analysis of Chemical Reaction Velocity HORIBA Shinkichi
Imperial Prize Electric Transmission of Pictures NIWA Yasujiro
Count Hagimaro
Kashima Prize
Studies of the Flora of Micronesia under Japanese Mandate KANEHIRA Ryôzô


28th May 13, 1938

Prize Title Name
Imperial Academy Prize Studies on the Experimental Verification of the Dipole Theory and the Relation between the Dipole Moment and Molecular Structure MIZUSHIMA San-ichiro
Osaka Mainichi Prize Untersuchung über die Konstitution der Sapogenine KITASATO Zenjiro
Osaka Mainichi Prize On the Chemical and Physiological Investigation of the Bile Acid SHIMIZU Tayei
Mendenhall Prize Research on the Measurement of a Geodetic Base Line in Terms of the Wave Length of Light WATANABE Noboru


29th May 11, 1939

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize The Historical Study of Sekimonshingaku ISHIKAWA Ken
Imperial Prize Untersuchung über den Spinalparasympathikus KURÉ Ken
Imperial Academy Prize A History of Japanese Literary Criticism HISAMATSU Sen-ichi
Imperial Academy Prize Researches on the Theory of Abstract Spaces KUNUGUI Kinjiro
Osaka Mainichi Prize The Study on the Old Japanese Type Printings before the Seventeenth Century KAWASE Kazuma


30th May 14, 1940

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize The Origin of the Noh-Play NOSE Asaji
Imperial Prize Theoretical Study on the Interaction of Elementary Particles and Prediction of the Existence of Mesotrons in Cosmic Rays YUKAWA Hideki
Imperial Prize Theoretical and Experimental Researches on Chemical Kinetics HORIUTI Juro
Imperial Academy Prize History of Arms and Armours ARISAKA Shozo
Imperial Academy Prize Kakinomoto Hitomaro SAITO Shigeyoshi
Imperial Academy Prize Studies on the Haikai Poetry ISHIDA Motosue
Imperial Academy Prize The Outline of Researches in the Syntheses of Vat Dyestuff MAKI Toshio
Imperial Academy Prize An Investigation of Cast Iron KIKUTA Tario