The Japan Academy

The Imperial Prize,Japan Academy Prize,Duke of Edinburgh Prize Recipients

11th - 20th

11th May 22, 1921

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Nihon-Bukkyo-Shi-no-Kenkyu TSUJI Zennosuke
Imperial Prize Anatomical Investigations on Brain FUSE Gennosuke
Imperial Academy Prize Studies on Japanese Ophiurodea MATSUMOTO Hikoshichiro
Imperial Academy Prize Scientific Studies on Japanese Sword TAWARA Kuniichi
Prince Katsura Prize Discovery of Tetrodotoxin-Poisonous Substance from Tetrodon TAHARA Yoshizumi


12th May 21, 1922

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Investigations on Stark Doppler Effect TAKAMINE Toshio
Imperial Academy Prize Forschungen über Vitale Färbung KIYONO Kenji
Imperial Academy Prize Constructions of Torsion-Meter and of Balancing Machine SUEHIRO Kyoji


13th May 27, 1923

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Kinsei-Nihon-Kokumin-Shi TOKUTOMI Iichiro
Imperial Prize Honcho-Monzui-Chūshaku KAKIMURA Shigematsu
Imperial Prize Chemical Studies on the Constituents of Chinese Drugs ASAHINA Yasuhiko
Imperial Prize Studies on Photographic Actions of Radioactive Rays KINOSHITA Suekichi


14th June 8, 1924

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Chokei-Tenno-Gosokui-no-Kenkyu YASHIRO Kuniji
Imperial Prize Studies on Bacterial Degradation of Protein and Constituent Amino Acids, and Synthesis of Amino Acids SASAKI Takaoki
Imperial Academy Prize "Geld und Wert" and "Die Logische Natur der Wirtschaftsgesetze" SŌDA Kiichiro
Imperial Academy Prize Studies on Fat, Cholesterol and Lipoid Degenerations KAWAMURA Rinya
Imperial Academy Prize Chemical Studies on Mutrific Elements SUZUKI Umetaro
Prince Katsura Prize Dai-Nippon-Kinseki-Shi KIZAKI Aikichi
Osaka Mainichi Prize "Wakyō-Shūei" and "Zoku-Wakyō-Shūei" HIROSE Jihei
Osaka Mainichi Prize Studies on the Expansion Chamber Used for Investigating Radioactive Rays SHIMIZU Takeo
Osaka Mainichi Prize Studies on Carbon Dioxide Production from Nerve Tissue and a New Method for the Estimation of Exceedingly Minute Quantities of Carbon Dioxide TASHIRO Shirosuke


15th May 31, 1925

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Sangaikyo no Kenkyu YABUKI Keiki
Imperial Prize Vibrations of Building Structures with Special Reference to Their Anti-Seismic Characteristics MONONOBE Nagaho
Imperial Academy Prize Investigations on Albino Rats HATAI Shinkishi
Osaka Mainichi Prize Investigations on Special Steels, Especially on M.K. Magnetic Steel SONE Takeshi


16th May 16, 1926

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Japanese Heraldry NUMATA Yorisuke
Imperial Prize Stratigraphical Studies of the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Formations in the Middle West of Japan OZAWA Yoshiaki
Imperial Academy Prize Conception of Messiah in the Old Testament and Its Historical Background ISHIBASHI Tomonobu
Imperial Academy Prize P'u Shou Kêng KUWABARA Shitsuzo
Imperial Academy Prize Ship-Stabilizer MOTORA Shintaro
Imperial Academy Prize Histochemische Studie über die Oxydasereaktion KATSUNUMA Seizo
Imperial Academy Prize Mercury Arrester MITSUDA Ryotaro
Osaka Mainichi Prize Thermobalance Analysis SAITO Heikichi
Osaka Mainichi Prize Experimentelle Studie über die Avitaminosis B SHIMAZONO Junjiro
OGATA Tomosaburo
Osaka Mainichi Prize Biochemical Study of Several Japanese Plants KOMATSU Shigeru


17th May 20, 1927

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Studies on Gold and Silver during the Tang and the Sung Dynasties, with Special Reference to Their Monetal Functions KATO Shigeru
Imperial Prize Spectro-Chemical Studies of Complex Metallic Salts SHIBATA Yuji
Imperial Academy Prize Studies on Decrementless Conduction in Nerves KATO Gen-ichi
Imperial Academy Prize Studies on Constituents of Japanese Petroleums and Their Applications TANAKA Yoshio
Prince Katsura Prize Studies on Korean Flora NAKAI Takenoshin
Osaka Mainichi Prize Physico-Metallo-Graphical Investigation in Special Steels MURAKAMI Takejiro
Osaka Mainichi Prize Historical Studies on the Origin of Syphilis DOHI Keizo


18th April 14, 1928

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Studies on Taxes and Taxation KAMBE Masao
Imperial Prize On the System of Integral Equations and the Function-Theoretical Problems Relating to it KAKEYA Soichi
Imperial Academy Prize History of Singing and Chanting in Japan TAKANO Tatsuyuki
Imperial Academy Prize High Speed Ships HIRAGA Yuzuru
Osaka Mainichi Prize Investigation of the Alkaloids found in Japanese Plants KONDO Heisaburo


19th April 26, 1929

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Investigations on the Rigidity of the Earth and on Earthquake Motions SHIDA Toshi
Imperial Academy Prize On the Typhoon of the Far East HORIGUTI Yosiki
Imperial Academy Prize Studies on Oriental Music TANABE Hisao
Prince Katsura Prize New Studies on Japanese Armour YAMAGAMI Hachiro
Osaka Mainichi Prize A Study of Rat-Bite Fever FUTAKI Kenzo
OSUMI Shimpachi
Osaka Mainichi Prize An Experimental Study of Rat-Bite Fever ISHIWARA Kikutaro


20th May 15, 1930

Prize Title Name
Imperial Prize Studies on the Arterial System of the Japanese ADACHI Buntaro
Imperial Academy Prize Investigations on the Tidal Waves and Currents in the Inland Sea OGURA Shinkichi
Osaka Mainichi Prize The Discovery of Asteroids OIKAWA Okuro