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Vol. 81 No. 6 (2005)

Vol. 81 No. 6 (2005)

Shizuoka Cancer Center

  Located against a backdrop of majestic Mt. Fuji, the Shizuoka Cancer Center is blessed with a healing environment.
  In 2002, Shizuoka Prefecture opened a new cancer center that provides top-ranked cancer treatment with cutting-edge medical technology and through support for patients. The hospital, which has 615 beds, features the world's most advanced proton-beam therapy facilities and the latest medical equipments. To pursue patient-first medical care, the center launches a multi-professional team approach that calls for close collaboration among physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, physical therapists and other employees. The most up-to-date integrated hospital information system is introduced for all professionals to share information about patients; the system enables the hospital to create a paperless and filmless work environment.
  The center also expects to play a key role in Mt. Fuji Pharma Valley Initiatives which aim to form Bio-Medical clusters in the Eastern part of the prefecture. As its core facility, a new research institute will be completed in November, 2005. Several collaborative studies recently commenced include cancer genomics and proteomics, immunotherapy, imaging diagnostics and cancer survivorship research.

(This caption is prepared by Dr. Ken Yamaguchi, President of the Shizuoka Cancer Center.)