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Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Ser. B, Physical and Biological Sciences

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Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Ser. B, Physical and Biological SciencesThe Proceedings of the Japan Academy Ser. B (PJA-B) is a scientific publication of the Japan Academy with a 90-year history, and covers all branches of natural sciences, except for mathematics, which is covered by the PJA-A. It is published ten times a year and is distributed widely throughout the world and can be read and obtained free of charge through the world wide web. 2021 Journal Impact Factor is 3.945.

Target Fields

The PJA-B is open to scientists in broad fields of basic and applied natural sciences, such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, agricultural sciences, engineering, medicine, dentistry or pharmacology. The membership in the Japan Academy is not a requirement for publishing in the PJA-B.

Features of PJA-B

The PJA-B publishes both review articles and original contributions. The PJA-B is listed on the PubMed database and PubMed Central. The PJA-B is open access (CC BY-NC) and full-text articles can be downlaoded free of charge at

Speedy publication

Although submitted manuscripts are subjected to rigorous editorial evaluation by two referees, the first editorial decision is usually reached within a month after submission and manuscripts accepted in the final form are published within a two-month period. Thus, the PJA-B is suitable for rapid publication when desired for any reason. Manuscripts can be submitted via the online submission system of J-STAGE. The web site of the system:


No manuscript handling fee or page charges are levied. Color figures are published free of charge up to a full page of the journal, and 50 copies of reprints are also provided free.

For papers in mathematics, please refer to the Notice to Authors in PJA Ser. A.

* A request concerning transfer of copyrights of previously published articles.

ONLINE ISSN : 1349-2896
PRINT ISSN : 0386-2208

Editorial Flow

editorial flow

Online Publication

Full texts (PDF Format) are freely available via J-STAGE.

PJA Ser. B Editorial Board

Kunihiko SUZUKI (Neurochemistry, Neurology)
Executive Editors
Shigekazu NAGATA (Molecular Biology, Biochemistry)
Yoshio FUKAO (Geophysics)
Editorial Board Members
Shizuo AKIRA (Immunology)
Makoto KOBAYASHI (Physics)
Tsuneyoshi KUROIWA (Biological Science)
Takao SEKIYA (Pharmaceutical Science, Nucleic Acid Chemistry)
Koichi TANAKA (Mass Spectrometry)
Kazuyuki TATSUMI (Inorganic Chemistry)
Toshimitsu YAMAZAKI (Physics)
Takeshi YASUMOTO (Fisheries Chemistry)

Subscription Agent

MARUZEN-YUSHODO Co., Ltd., Export Department, 1-9-18 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan.