The Japan Academy


Recipients of the Imperial Prize and the Japan Academy Prizes elected

Recipients of the Imperial Prizes and the Japan Academy Prizes were elected at the 1177th General Meeting held on March 12th, 2024. They are:

Prize Imperial Prize and Japan Academy Prize KIKUCHI Shigeto
Name KIKUCHI Shigeto
Subject Herrschaft, Delegation und Kommunikation in der Karolingerzeit. Untersuchungen zu den Missi dominici (751–888)
Prize Imperial Prize and Japan Academy Prize OBARA Kazushige
Name OBARA Kazushige
Subject Discovery of Deep Low-Frequency Tremor at Subducting Plate Interface and Development of Slow-Earthquake Seismology
Prize Japan Academy Prize ANDO Hiroshi
Name ANDO Hiroshi
Subject Dazai Osamu: The Work and Life
Prize Japan Academy Prize MIYAZAKI Satoshi
OGURI Masamune
Name MIYAZAKI Satoshi and OGURI Masamune
Subject Pioneering and Promoting Cosmological Research Using Gravitational Lensing Effects (Joint Research)
Prize Japan Academy Prize MIYASAKA Tsutomu
Name MIYASAKA Tsutomu
Subject Development of Organo-Metal Perovskite-Based Organic Inorganic Hybrid Solar Cells
Prize Japan Academy Prize SUGA Hiroaki
Name SUGA Hiroaki
Subject Pioneering Works for the Development of De Novo Peptide Therapeutics
Prize Japan Academy Prize SHIMIZU Sakayu
Name SHIMIZU Sakayu
Subject Novel Microbial Functions, their Discovery through Screening and Application to Large-Scale Production of Useful Compounds
Prize Japan Academy Prize KANO Masanobu
Name UEDA Ryuzo
Subject Translational Research on Antibody Drug Development for Adult T-Cell Leukaemia and Lymphoma
Prize Japan Academy Prize KIYONO Hiroshi
Name KIYONO Hiroshi
Subject Studies on Mucosal Immunology and Oral-Nasal Vaccine Development Started from Dental Caries Research