The Japan Academy


Recipients of the Imperial Prize, the Japan Academy Prizes and the Duke of Edinburgh Prize elected

Recipients of the Imperial Prize, the Japan Academy Prizes and the Duke of Edinburgh Prize were elected at the 1157th General Meeting held on March 14th, 2022. They are:

Prize Imperial Prize and Japan Academy Prize KASAI Haruo
Name KASAI Haruo
Subject Discovery of Principles of Structural Plasticity in Brain Spine Synapses
Prize Japan Academy Prize TAKEDA Haruhito
Name TAKEDA Haruhito
Subject Japanese Zaibatsu Holding Company in the Historical Perspective: The Head Office Functions and Internal Capital Market
Prize Japan Academy Prize HOU Zhaomin
Name HOU Zhaomin
Subject Development of Organo Rare-Earth Chemistry and Exploration of New Synthetic Methods
Prize Japan Academy Prize SAITOH Eiji
Name SAITOH Eiji
Subject Pioneering Research on Physics of Spin Current
Prize Japan Academy Prize ABE-OUCHI Ayako
Name ABE-OUCHI Ayako
Subject Understanding Mechanism of the 100,000 Year Period Glacial Cycle
Prize Japan Academy Prize KAWATO Mitsuo
Name KAWATO Mitsuo
Subject Study of Brain Functions by Computational Neuroscience and Development of Brain Machine Interface
Prize Japan Academy Prize NODA Susumu
Name NODA Susumu
Subject Exploration of Ultimate Light Control Based on Photonic Crystals and Its Application for Advanced Semiconductor Lasers
Prize Japan Academy Prize MURAKAMI Akira
Subject Studies on Developments of Inverse Analysis by the Kalman Filter and their Applications to Geotechnical Engineering
Prize Japan Academy Prize SHIRATO Hiroki
Name SHIRATO Hiroki
Subject Biomedical and Engineering Research about Real-time Tumor Tracking Radiotherapy/Particle Beam Therapy against Cancer
Prize Duke of Edinburgh Prize OHKOUCHI Naohiko
Name OHKOUCHI Naohiko
Subject Development and Application of a Method for Analyzing Changes in the Biological World Using Advanced Analysis of Compound-Specific Isotope Ratio