The Japan Academy


Recipients of the Imperial Prize and the Japan Academy Prizes elected

Recipients of the Imperial Prize and the Japan Academy Prizes were elected at the 1127th General Meeting held on March 12th, 2019. They are:

Prize Imperial Prize and Japan Academy Prize Makoto FUJITA
Name Makoto FUJITA
Subject Crystalline Sponge Method: Innovation of X-ray Crystallography and its Development into Molecular Science and Technology
Prize Japan Academy Prize Shiro YAMAZAKI
Subject The Materials Mobilization Plan during the Pacific War
Prize Japan Academy Prize Masahiro HIRAMA
Name Masahiro HIRAMA
Subject Total Synthesis of Ciguatoxins and Structurally Complex Bioactive Natural Products
Prize Japan Academy Prize Saku TSUNETA
Subject Studies of Solar Magnetohydrodynamic Phenomena by the Satellite Observations
Prize Japan Academy Prize Kanetada NAGAMINE
Name Kanetada NAGAMINE
Subject Exploration of Muon Radiography and its Application to Non-destructive Studies of Large-scale Matters
Prize Japan Academy Prize Yozo FUJINO
Name Yozo FUJINO
Subject Vibrations and Control of Large Civil Structures
Prize Japan Academy Prize Akira ISOGAI
Name Akira ISOGAI
Subject Studies on Completely Dispersed Cellulose Nanofibers of Plant Origin
Prize Japan Academy Prize Takashi NAGASAWA
Name Takashi NAGASAWA
Subject Elucidation of Microenvironments Essential for the Maintenance of Hematopoietic Stem Cells, Hematopoiesis and Bone
Prize Japan Academy Prize Hiroshi TAKAYANAGI
Subject Studies on Osteoimmunology that Unifies Bone Biology and Immunology