The Japan Academy


Recipients of the Imperial Prize and the Japan Academy Prizes elected

Recipients of the Imperial Prize and the Japan Academy Prizes were elected at the 1107th General Meeting held on March 13th, 2017. They are:

Prize Imperial Prize and Japan Academy Prize Akira HASEGAWA
Subject Seismological Study on Tectonics in Subduction Zones
Prize Japan Academy Prize Yumi NARASAWA
Subject Les autels chrétiens du Sud de la Gaule (Ve - XIIe siècles)
Prize Japan Academy Prize Hiromu SHIMIZU
Name Hiromu SHIMIZU
Subject Globalization in a Remote Hill Village
Prize Japan Academy Prize Fumihiko TAKASAKI
Name Fumihiko TAKASAKI
Subject Studies of CP Violation in the B-Meson System
Prize Japan Academy Prize Yasuhiko ARAKAWA
Name Yasuhiko ARAKAWA
Subject Research on Quantum Dot and its Application to Photonic Devices
Prize Japan Academy Prize Toshimitsu YOKOBORI
Name Toshimitsu YOKOBORI
Subject The Research on the Fundamental Theories of Fatigue and Time-dependent Strength of Materials based on Meso-scale Dynamics and its Practical Applications
Prize Japan Academy Prize Shigetou NAMBA
Name Shigetou NAMBA
Subject Molecular Biological Study on the Phytoplasmas, Plant Pathogenic Bacteria
Prize Japan Academy Prize Tatsushi TODA
Name Tatsushi TODA and Tamao ENDO
Subject Systematic Clinical, Biochemical and Molecular Elucidation of Genetic Disorders due to Defective Synthesis of O-Mannose Type Sugar Chains including the Fukuyama-type Muscular Dystrophy, and Discovery of Sugar Chains of Novel Structures (Joint Research) Tamao ENDO
Prize Japan Academy Prize Soichiro KITAMURA
Name Soichiro KITAMURA
Subject Development and Popularization of a New Arena in Cardiac Surgery: Pediatric Coronary Artery Revascularization Surgery