The Japan Academy


The 106th Annual Award Ceremony took place

The 106th Annual Award Ceremony was held on June 27, 2016, in the presence of Their Majesties The Emperor and Empress.

Kawachi Award Ceremony Recipients
Prize recipient Dr. KAWACHI, Yoshihiro describing his research results to Their Majesties The Emperor and Empress 106th Award Ceremony
(Dr. MORI, Kazutoshi)

The Medals and Prizes were presented to the following recipients:

Prize Name Title
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Kazutoshi MORI Discovery and Elucidation of the Unfolded Protein Response
Japan Academy Prize Yoshihiro KAWACHI A Manchu Dictionary
Japan Academy Prize Ken’ichi MIYAMOTO A Critical History of Environmental Pollution in Postwar Japan
Japan Academy Prize Eisuke NISHIDA Elucidation of MAP-Kinase Signaling Pathway
Japan Academy Prize Kosuke MORITA The Discovery of a Z=113 Superheavy Element
Japan Academy Prize Hirochika INOUE Studies on Robots with Sensation and Intelligence
Japan Academy Prize Susumu KITAGAWA Studies on Creation and Application of Porous Coordination Polymers
Japan Academy Prize Yoshihiro KAWAOKA Molecular Basis of Pathogenicity and Control of Influenza Viruses
Japan Academy Prize Masayoshi MISHINA Studies on Synaptic Molecules, Learning and Memory
Duke of Edinburgh Prize Makoto MATSUOKA A Study on the Phytohormone, Gibberellin, Contributing to Species Conservation, Plant Diversity, and Crop Productivity