The Japan Academy


5th Japan Academy Medal

At the Japan Academy’s 1026th General Meeting held on 12 Februay 2009, six following highly promising young researchers were selected to receive the FY2008 Japan Academy Medal:

Name Schuichi KOIZUMI Schuichi KOIZUMI
Year of Birth 1963
Theme Glial Regulation of the Brain Function
Name Takeshi TSUJI Takeshi TSUJI
Year of Birth 1967
Theme p-adic Hodge Theory and its Application
Name Masaya NOTOMI Masaya NOTOMI
Year of Birth 1964
Theme Discovery and Applications of Novel Functions of Photonic Crystals
Year of Birth 1963
Theme Game Theoretic Approach to International Political Economy
Name Noriko MIYA Noriko MIYA
Year of Birth 1972
Theme Cultural Policy and Publishing Activities during the Mongol Period
Name Teruhiko WAKAYAMA Teruhiko WAKAYAMA
Year of Birth 1967
Theme Development of Novel Biotechnologies for Animal Reproduction