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Personal Information

Name Kida Hiroshi Kida, Hiroshi
Section Section II, Sixth Subsection
Date of Election 2007/12/12
Speciality Veterinary Microbiology
Selected Bibliography
    1. Noda T, Sagara H, Yen A, Takada A, Kida H, Cheng RH, Kawaoka Y: Architecture of ribonucleoprotein complexes in influenza A virus particles. Nature 439, 490-492, 2006.
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    8. Kida H, Brown LE and Webster RG: Biological activity of monoclonal antibodies to operationally defined antigenic regions on the hemagglutinin molecule of A/seal/ Massachusetts /1/80 (H7N7) influenza virus. Virology 122, 38-47, 1982.
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