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Personal Information

Name YOSHIKAWA Hiroyuki Yoshikawa, Hiroyuki
Section Section II, Fifth Subsection
Date of Election 2014/12/12
Speciality Precision Engineeering, General Design Theory
Selected Bibliography
  • Books
    1. 「信頼性工学」、精密工学講座、15巻、コロナ社、1979
    2. 「ロボットと人間」、NHKブックス、日本放送出版会、1985
    3. 「科学者の新しい役割」、岩波書店、2002年
    4. 「本格研究」、東京大学出版会、2009年
    5. “Design Methodology for Research and Development Strategy” CRDS-JST, 2012
  • Articles, Invited Articles
    1. “General Design Theory and a CAD System” Proceedings of IFIP Conference on Man-Machine Communication in CAD/CAM p.35-58, North Holland, 1981
    2. “Designer’s Designing Models” Proceedings of ICED83, Kobenhavn pp337-344, 1983
    3. “Necessity and Potential of Maintenance Technology” 7thE.F.N.M.S Congress, 1984, Venice
    4. “Design Philosophy” Proceedings of the 39th CIRP General Assembly, Trondheim, Norway, Annals of CIRP, vol.32-2, pp579-586, 1989
    5. “Intelligent Manufacturing Systems” Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing, pp18-38, North Holland, 1993
    6. “Roles of a Scientist in Sustainable Society” 11th Zuckerman’s Lecture, British Association and Office of Science and Technology, London UK, 16 June 2004
    7. “Science, Technology, Human Values and Actions toward Sustainability” Science, Technology and Human Values pp417-430, The Academy of Athens, 2007
    8. “Maintenance Robot, A History and Reflections of a Japanese Engineering Scientist on Fukushima” A Treatise on Good Robots: Praxiology-Vol. 21, W. W. Gasparski (ed), pp103-125, Transaction Publishers, NJ, 2014

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