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Personal Information

Name INOUE Akihisa Inoue, Akihisa
Section Section II, Fifth Subsection
Date of Election 2006/12/12
Speciality Metallic Material Science and Engineering
Selected Bibliography
    1. High Strength Bulk Amorphous Alloys with Low Critical Cooling Rates. A. Inoue; Materials Transactions., JIM, 36(1995), 866-875.
    2. Amorphous, Nanoquasicrystalline and Nanocrystalline Alloys in Al-Based Systems. A. Inoue; Progress in Materials Science, 43(1998), 365-520
    3. 過冷金属―バルク金属ガラス相への異常安定化現象―. 井上明久;応用物理、67(1998)、1176-1180.
    4. Bulk Amorphous Alloys, -Preparation and Fundamentals Characteristics-. A. Inoue; Trans Tech Publications, Zurich, (1998), 1-116.
    5. Ferromagnetic Bulk Amorphous Alloys. A. Inoue, A. Takeuchi and T. Zhang; Metallurgical Materials Transaction, A29 (1998), 1779-1793.
    6. Bulk Amorphous Alloys, -Practical Characteristics and Applications-. A. Inoue; Trans Tech Publications, Zurich, (1999), 1-148.
    7. Stabilization of Metallic Supercooled Liquid and Bulk Amorphous Alloys. A. Inoue; Acta Materiallia, 48(2000), 279-306.
    8. High-Strength Cu-based Bulk Glassy Alloys with High Tensile Strength of Over 2000 MPa. A. Inoue, W. Zhang, T. Zhang and K. Kurosaki; Acta Materiallia, 49(2001), 2645-2652.
    9. ナノメタルの最新技術と応用開発 井上明久編著、シーエムシー出版、東京、(2003)、1-300.
    10. Cobalt-based bulk glassy alloy with ultrahigh strength and soft magnetic properties. A. Inoue, B.L. Shen, H. Koshiba, H. Kato and A.R. Yavari; Nature Materals, 2 (2003), 661-663.
    11. Recent progress in bulk glassy, nanoquasicrystalline and nanocrystalline alloys. A. Inoue and A. Takeuchi; Materials Science and Engineering, A375-377(2004), 16-30.

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