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Personal Information

Name Oda Shigeru Okuda, Masamichi
Section Section I, Second Subsection
Date of Election 1994/12/12
Speciality International Law
Selected Bibliography
    1. 海の国際法研究 全9巻、 (昭和31年-平成8年)
    2. 日本の裁判所における国際法先例(祖川との共著)、平成3年、640頁
    3. 国際司法裁判所、日本評論社、 昭和62年、364頁
    4. International Control of Sea Resources, 1963, Leiden, 215pp.
    5. International Law of the Resources of the Sea, 1969, Leiden, 130pp.
    6. International Law of the Ocean Development, 3 vols. (1972-81) Leiden
    7. The Law of the Sea in our Time, 2 vols. (1977), Leiden
    8. Japanese Practice in International Law (with Owada), 1982, Tokyo, 471pp.
    9. The International Court of Justice viewed from the Bench, 1993, Leiden, 170pp.
    10. Fifty Years of the Law of the Sea, 2003, Leiden, 832pp.

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