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The Imperial Prize,Japan Academy Prize,Duke of Edinburgh Prize Recipients


101st June 20, 2011
Prize NameTitle
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Akira SATAKE Studies on "The Revelation of John"
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Hideaki MIYATA Studies on Nonlinear Ship Wave
Japan Academy Prize Masahiro SHOGAITO Uighur Abhidharma Texts: A Philological Study
Japan Academy Prize Tsuneo SATO Studies on Fujiwara Tameie
Japan Academy Prize Akira KOBA Roman Origins of the Law of Possession
Japan Academy Prize Takuro MOCHIZUKI Study of Pure Twister D-modules
Japan Academy Prize Kei HIROSE Studies on Materials and Dynamics of the Earth’s Deepest Mantle
Japan Academy Prize Naoyuki TANIGUCHI Pioneering Accomplishments in Glycobiology, Especially on the
Significance of N-glycans in Disease
Japan Academy Prize Kohei MIYAZONO Study on Cell Signaling and Its Regulation in Cancer
102nd June 4, 2012
Prize NameTitle
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Kazuyoshi YOSHIKAWA Proust et l’art pictural
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Keiichi NAMBA Structural and Functional Analyses of Biological Macromolecular Nanomachines
Japan Academy Prize Satoru NAKANISHI Wealthy Kitamae Shipowners and Japanese Capitalism
Japan Academy Prize Takaaki KAJITA Discovery of Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations
Japan Academy Prize Kunio TAKAYANAGI Investigation of Nano-structures using an Ultra-high Vacuum Electron Microscope
Japan Academy Prize Tsutomu KIMURA Mechanical Behaviour of Foundation Soils
Japan Academy Prize Fumihiko SATO Microbial Production of Plant Secondary Metabolites, Isoquinoline Alkaloids, Based on Metabolic Engineering Research (Joint Research)
Hidehiko KUMAGAI
Japan Academy Prize Masamitsu FUTAI Studies on the Synthesis and Cellular Use of Biological Energy
Japan Academy Prize Shimon SAKAGUCHI Control of Immune Responses by Regulatory T Cells
Duke of Edinburgh Prize Katsumi TSUKAMOTO The Fundamental Studies on Fish Migration, especially the Discovery of the Eel Spawning Area in the Pacific
103rd June 17, 2013
Prize NameTitle
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Jun MATSUURA Martin Luther: Erfurter Annotationen 1509-1510/11
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Yoshinori TOKURA Study of Strongly Correlated Electron Materials with Emergent Electromagnetic Functions
Japan Academy Prize Hiroshi KŌZEN Research on Chinese Literary Theory
Japan Academy Prize Kazuyuki TATSUMI Study on Bioinorganic Chemistry of the Active Sites of Metalloreductases
Japan Academy Prize Masanori IYE Observational Studies of the Early Universe
Japan Academy Prize Masataka NAKAZAWA The Realization of Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier and its Application to Sophistication of Optical Communication Technology
Japan Academy Prize Eimei SATO Studies on the Regulatory Mechanism of Oogenesis in Mammals
Japan Academy Prize Yo-ichi NABESHIMA Control of Homeostasis by Newly Discovered Klotho Gene Family
Japan Academy Prize Takashi KADOWAKI Molecular Basis of Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
104th July 7, 2014
Prize NameTitle
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Isamu AKASAKI Creation of GaN-Based Semiconductors of Excellent Quality and Invention of p-n Junction Blue-Light-Emitting Devices
Japan Academy Prize Juro TERANISHI Financial System of Prewar Japan
Japan Academy Prize Takao KONDO Studies of Biological Time Measurement in Cyanobacteria by Reconstitution of the Circadian Clock
Japan Academy Prize Hiraku NAKAJIMA Geometric Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics
Japan Academy Prize Nobuo SHUTO Comprehensive Research on Tsunami Hazard Mitigation
Japan Academy Prize Yoshio OKAMOTO Study on Precision Synthesis, Structure and Function of Helical Polymers
Japan Academy Prize Satoshi MORI Clarification of Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Iron Nutrition of Graminaceous Plants and Its Application to Crop Breeding (Joint Research)
Japan Academy Prize Koichi TANAKA Establishment and Development of Living Donor Liver Transplantation
Japan Academy Prize Masayuki YAMAMOTO Deciphering Molecular Basis of Environmental Stress Response
Duke of Edinburgh Prize Kazuo KOMAGATA Studies on Microbial Taxonomy and Development of Microbial Culture Collections
105th June 1, 2015
Prize NameTitle
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Hideo HOSONO Study on Creation and Application of Inorganic Electro-Active Materials
Japan Academy Prize Hirotoshi SHIMO A Study into the History of Mongol Empire
Japan Academy Prize Keisuke SUZUKI Studies on Synthesis of Complex Natural Products
Japan Academy Prize Yutaka KONDO Science of Global Atmospheric Environment
Japan Academy Prize Kazuo MAKISHIMA Study of Strong Magnetic Fields of Neutron Stars by means of X-Ray Observations
Japan Academy Prize Hidetoshi KATORI Invention of the Optical Lattice Clock and its Development
Japan Academy Prize Minoru YOSHIDA Studies on Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression using Bioactive Microbial Metabolites and their Application to Drug Discovery
Japan Academy Prize Hiroaki MITSUYA Discovery and Development of Antiviral Therapeutics for HIV Infection and AIDS
Japan Academy Prize Masakuni SUZUKI Establishment and Dissemination of the Human in vitro Fertilization Technique in Japan
106th June 27, 2016
Prize NameTitle
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Kazutoshi MORI Discovery and Elucidation of the Unfolded Protein Response
Japan Academy Prize Yoshihiro KAWACHI A Manchu Dictionary
Japan Academy Prize Ken’ichi MIYAMOTO A Critical History of Environmental Pollution in Postwar Japan
Japan Academy Prize Eisuke NISHIDA Elucidation of MAP-Kinase Signaling Pathway
Japan Academy Prize Kosuke MORITA The Discovery of a Z=113 Superheavy Element
Japan Academy Prize Hirochika INOUE Studies on Robots with Sensation and Intelligence
Japan Academy Prize Susumu KITAGAWA Studies on Creation and Application of Porous Coordination Polymers
Japan Academy Prize Yoshihiro KAWAOKA Molecular Basis of Pathogenicity and Control of Influenza Viruses
Japan Academy Prize Masayoshi MISHINA Studies on Synaptic Molecules, Learning and Memory
Duke of Edinburgh Prize Makoto MATSUOKA A Study on the Phytohormone, Gibberellin, Contributing to Species Conservation, Plant Diversity, and Crop Productivity
107th June 12, 2017
Prize NameTitle
Imperial Prize and
Japan Academy Prize
Akira HASEGAWA Seismological Study on Tectonics in Subduction Zones
Japan Academy Prize Yumi NARASAWA Les autels chrétiens du Sud de la Gaule (Ve - XIIe siècles)
Japan Academy Prize Hiromu SHIMIZU Grassroots Globalization: Cultural Practice and Life Strategy in a UNESCO World Heritage Village
Japan Academy Prize Fumihiko TAKASAKI Studies of CP Violation in the B-Meson System
Japan Academy Prize Yasuhiko ARAKAWA Research on Quantum Dots and their Application in Photonic Devices
Japan Academy Prize Toshimitsu YOKOBORI The Research on the Fundamental Theories of Fatigue and Time-dependent Strength of Materials based on Meso-scale Dynamics and their Practical Applications
Japan Academy Prize Shigetou NAMBA Molecular Biological Study on the Phytoplasmas, Plant Pathogenic Bacteria
Japan Academy Prize Tatsushi TODA Systematic Clinical, Biochemical, and Molecular Elucidation of Genetic Disorders due to Defective Synthesis of O-Mannose Type Sugar Chains, including Fukuyama-type Muscular Dystrophy, and Discovery of Sugar Chains of Novel Structures (Joint Research)
Tamao ENDO
Japan Academy Prize Soichiro KITAMURA A New Arena in Cardiac Surgery: Pediatric Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

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