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Personal Information

Name Nagata, Shigekazu Nagata, Shigekazu
Section Section II, Fourth Subsection
Date of Election 2010/12/13
Speciality Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Selected Bibliography
  • Original Papers
    1. Nagata, S., Taira, H., Hall, A., Johnsrud, L., Streuli, M., Ecsodi, J., Boll, W., Cantell, K., and Weissmann, C.: Synthesis in E. coli of a polypeptide with human leukocyte interferon activity. Nature 284: 316-320, 1980
    2. Nagata, S., Tsuchiya, M., Asano, S., Kaziro, Y., Yamazaki, T., Yamamoto, O., Hirata, Y., Kubota, N., Oheda, M., Nomura, H., and Ono, M.: Molecular cloning and expression of cDNA for human granuloctye colony-stimulating factor. Nature 319: 415-418, 1986
    3. Itoh, N., Yonehara, S., Ishii, A., Yonehara, M., Mizushima, S., Sameshima, M., Hase, A., Seto, Y., and Nagata, S. The polypeptide encoded by the cDNA for human cell surface antigen Fas can mediate apoptosis. Cell 66: 233-243, 1991.
    4. Watanabe-Fukunaga, R., Brannan, C.I., Copeland, N.G., Jenkins, N.A., and Nagata, S. Lymphoproliferation disorder in mice explained by defects in Fas antigen that mediates apoptosis. Nature 356: 314-317, 1992.
    5. Ogasawara, J., Watanabe-Fukunaga, R., Adachi, M., Matsuzawa, A., Kasugai, T., Kitamura, Y., Itoh, N., Suda, T., and Nagata, S. Lethal effect of the anti-Fas antibody in mice. Nature 364: 806-809, 1993
    6. Suda, T., Takahashi, T., Golstein, P., and Nagata, S. Molecular cloning and expression of the Fas ligand: a novel member of the tumor necrosis factor family. Cell 75: 1169-1178, 1993.
    7. Enari, M., Sakahira, H., Yokoyama, H., Okawa, K., Iwamatsu, A., and Nagata, S.  A caspase-activated DNase that degrades DNA during apoptosis and its inhibitor ICAD.    Nature 391: 43-50, 1998.
    8. Kawane, K., Ohtani, M., Miwa, K., Kizawa, T., Kanbara, Y., Yoshioka, Y., Yoshikawa, H., and Nagata, S.: Chronic polyarthritis caused by mammalian DNA that escapes from degradation in macrophages. Nature 443: 998-1002, 2006
    9. Miyanishi, M., Tada, K., Koike, M., Uchiyama, Y., Kitamura, T., and Nagata, S. : Identification of Tim4 as a phosphatidylserine receptor. Nature 450: 435-439, 2007
    10. Suzuki, J., Umeda, M., Sims, P. J., and Nagata, S.: Calcium-dependent phospholipid scrambling by TMEM16F. Nature 468: 834-838, 2010
  • Review Articles
    1. Nagata, S., and Golstein, P.: The Fas death factor. Science 267: 1449-1456, 1995
    2. Nagata, S.: Apoptosis by death factor. Cell 88: 355-365, 1997
    3. 3. Nagata, S., Hanayama, R., and Kawane, K.: Autoimmunity and the Clearance of Dead Cells. Cell 140: 619-630, 2010>

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