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Personal Information

Name Kuroiwa, Tsuneyoshi Kuroiwa, Tsuneyoshi
Section Section II, Fourth Subsection
Date of Election 2010/12/13
Speciality Biological Science
Selected Bibliography
  • Major books
    1. E.J.DuPraw著 田中信徳、黒岩常祥、渡部真 訳 “DNAと染色体” 丸善 (1973).
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    3. 黒岩常祥 “ミトコンドリアはどこからきたか―生命40億年を遡る” NHKブックス (2000).
    4. 黒岩常祥 “細胞、原始から未来への鍵” 人間と文化80, 7-50 三愛新書(2014).
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  • (154 above mentioned other items)
  • Major original articles
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  • (427 above mentioned other items)

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