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Japan Academy Medal Prize Recipients

11th, February 24, 2015
Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Study on Structure, Physical Properties and Function of Polymers at Interfaces TANAKA Keiji
Japan Academy Medal A Historical Sociological Study on the Zionist Worldview as an Origin of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict TSURUMI Taro
Japan Academy Medal Exploration of Novel Quantum Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems NAKATSUJI Satoru
Japan Academy Medal Study of the Neural Mechanism that Controls Thermal Homeostasis NAKAMURA Kazuhiro
Japan Academy Medal Studies on the History of the Southern Levant in the First Millennium B.C. Based on Epigraphic and Archaeological Sources and Critical Analysis of Biblical Text HASEGAWA Shuichi
Japan Academy Medal Biosynthetic Mechanism of Homopoly Amino Acids Produced by Microorganisms HAMANO Yoshimitsu
12th, February 24, 2016
Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Total History of Indonesian Local Society in Early-Modern and Modern Ages: Impact of Environment, State, Islam, Outside Merchants, Migrants, and Global Economy OTA Atsushi
Japan Academy Medal Cultural Resources Study Perspective on Antique Textile Called ‘Tsujiga-Hana’ OYAMA Yuzuruha
Japan Academy Medal Development of Biological Control for Grapevine Crown Gall KAWAGUCHI Akira
Japan Academy Medal Clarification of Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Inflammation Control in Innate Immunity TAKEUCHI Osamu
Japan Academy Medal Studies on Seismic Hum NISHIDA Kiwamu
Japan Academy Medal Information Theory and Quantum Information Theory for Finite-Coding-Length HAYASHI Masahito
13th, February 8, 2017
Prize Research Subject Awardee
Japan Academy Medal Econometric Analysis of Inequality in Japanese Labor Market KAWAGUCHI Daiji
Japan Academy Medal Theory and Application of Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence SUGIYAMA Masashi
Japan Academy Medal Typological Studies in Slavic Morphosyntax and Its Diachronic and Areal Changes: With Special Reference to Kashubian NOMACHI Motoki
Japan Academy Medal Identification and Characterization of a Novel Immune Cell MORO Kazuyo
Japan Academy Medal Development and Application of in vivo Cellular Reprogramming Technology for Regulating Cancer Cell Fate YAMADA Yasuhiro
Japan Academy Medal Large-Scale Numerical Simulations of Structure Formation in the Early Universe YOSHIDA Naoki

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