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Personal Information

Name Hama, Kiyoshi Hama, Kiyoshi
Section Section II, Seventh Subsection
Date of Election 1996/12/12


Selected Bibliography
    1. K. Taomoto, A. Ijichi, T. Arii, K. Hama, Changes of intermediate filaments in cultured human glioma cells with ravious growth factors and cytokines using high voltage immunoelectron microscopy. Brain Tumor Pathol. 13, 49-56, 1996.
    2. K. Hama, T. Arii, and Y. Ito, High-voltage electron microscopy in neurocytology. J. Electron Micrsc. 49, 1-4, 2001.
    3. K. Hama, T. Arii, E. Katayama, M. Marton, and M.H. Ellisman, Tri-dimensional morohometric analysis of astrocytic processes with high voltage electron microscopy of thick Golgi preparations. J. Neurocytology 33: 277-285, 2004

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