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Personal Information

Name ARATA, Yoshiaki Arata, Yoshiaki
Section Section II, Fifth Subsection
Date of Election 1988/12/12
Speciality High Temperature Engineering・Welding Engineering
Selected Bibliography
  • 著 書
    1. プラズマ工学(日刊工業新聞社:昭和40年)
    2. Plasma, Electron & Laser Technology (American Society for Metals:1986)
    3. “新エネルギー創生を目指して”(高温学会; 受賞記念祝賀会:平成19年8月1日, 90頁)
  • 論 文
    1. Arata Y, Zhang Y-C; Kaku Yugo Kenkyu 62 (1989) 398 Fusion Technol. 22 (1992) 287. Cited in Chem. Abstr. 112: 224669 (1990). (in Japanese). “Achievement of intense 'cold fusion' reaction”.
    2. Arata Y, Zhang Y-C; Koon Gakkaishi (J. High Temp. Soc.). 20 (4) (1994) 148 (in Japanese, Engl. abstr.).“A new energy generated in DS-cathode with 'Pd-black'”.
    3. Arata Y, Zhang Y-C; Proc. Japan Acad. 71 Ser. B (1995) 304. vol. 71, No. 8, 304-309, (1995).“Achievement of Solid-State Plasma Fusion (“Cold Fusion”)”.
    4. Arata Y, Zhang Y-C; J. High Temp. Soc. 23 (1997): (special volume pp 1-56). “Solid-state plasma fusion ('cold fusion')”.
    5. Arata Y, Zhang Y-C; Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 2 37 (1998) L1274. “Anomalous difference between reaction energies generated within D2O-cell and H2O-cell”.
    6. 荒田吉明: 新エネルギー創生“固体内核融合”─いわゆる“常温核融合”の誤り─「固体物理」(アグネ技術センター発行), vol. 35, No.1 (2000).
    7. Arata Y, Zhang Y-C; J. High Temp. Soc. Jpn 29 (2003) (special vol: pp 1-44). “The Basics of Practical Nuclear Fusion Reactor Using Solid Pycnodeuterium as Nuclear Fuel”.
    8. Arata Y.; IL NUOVO SAGGIATORE (イタリー物理学会). Vol. 20 (2004).“The formation of 《solid deuterium》solidified inside crystal lattice and intense solid-state nuclear fusion (《cold fusion》)”.
    9. Arata Y, Zhang Y-C; Progress of Theoretical Phys. (Supplement), No. 154 (2004) 241: Fusion 03.“The Basics of Nuclear Fusion Reactor using Solid Pycnodeuterium as Nuclear Fuel”.
    10. Arata Y, Zhang Y-C; ICCF12 (Yokohama, Jpn; (2006)).“Development of “DS-Reactor”as the Practical Reactor of “Cold Fusion”based on the“DS-Cell”with“DS-Cathode”.

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